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Brothers in War - E.V. Thompson

CORNWALL 1915. In Britain, men and women are still reeling from the outbreak of the Great War. For Ben Retallick, owner of the great Ruddlemoor clay works in Cornwall, the conflict will affect all that he has ever known as his life becomes entwined in a saga of suspicion, secrecy and troubles - in love as well as war . . . Ben is asked to help with an incredible secret mission - to wrest control of Lake Tanganyika from the Germans. Two gunboats are to be transported to the other side of the world, then hauled three thousand miles overland. Meanwhile, Ben's own priorities lie elsewhere, in Switzerland, where his wife Lily is awaiting his arrival to bring her home. An unexpected tragedy throws Ben's world into turmoil, but he survives with the help of childhood friends from Mozambique, who have reappeared in his life. Yet such friendships, combined with the secret mission and Ben's connections with Africa, prove to be double-edged swords and a business rival uses them as evidence of Ben being pro-German. Such accusations are given credence by the activities of one of his brothers in Africa, and the presence of the Ruddlemoor traction engines on the border of German East Africa where their Cornish engineer has troubles in the shape of racism, suspicion - and an unexpected blooming of love . . . In Brothers in War, E. V. Thompson returns to his acclaimed Retallick saga, immersing the family in the upheaval of the First World War and, through them, creates a captivating tale of love and war, loyalty and betrayal, loss and adventure that weaves its way from Cornwall to uncharted territory in the depths of Africa - and an eventful conclusion in Cornwall once more.