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Liver - Will Self
Liver - Will Self
These remarkable new pieces from Will Self each feature the largest of our internal organs: the liver, in varying states of disease and decay. In "Foie Humane" we go inside a Soho drinking club, the denizens of which live in a highly stylised yet emotionally dead state of excess. "Prometheus" tells the story of a dazzlingly successful advertising copywriter who can sell anything to anyone at any time.

The Enchantress of Florence - Salman Rushdie
The Enchantress of Florence - Salman Rushdie
Crossed Bones - Jane Johnson
Crossed Bones - Jane Johnson
With handsome pirates, beautiful slave girls, exotic mysteries and Moroccan markets, this book presents an adventure of the high seas, based on the real-life raids on the Cornish coast by 17th century Barbary
The Rain Before it Falls - Jonathan Coe
The Rain Before it Falls - Jonathan Coe
Rosamund lies dying in her remote Shropshire home. But before she does so, she has one last task: to put on tape her own story and the story of the young blind girl, her cousin's granddaughter, who turned up mysteriously at her party years ago.
Oh, Play that Thing - Roddy Doyle
Oh, Play that Thing - Roddy Doyle
The Lemon Table - Julian Barnes
The Lemon Table - Julian Barnes
Sepulchre - Kate Mosse
Sepulchre - Kate Mosse
A gripping tale of mystery and adventure from the author of LABYRINTH
The Lords' Day - Michael Dobbs
The Lords' Day - Michael Dobbs
Once a year, the most powerful people in the land gather together in one room.
The Templar, The Queen an Her Lover - Michael Jecks
The Templar, The Queen an Her Lover - Michael Jecks
The new novel in the tremendously successful Knights Templar mystery series.
Crossfire - Andy McNab
Crossfire - Andy McNab
Body Guarding a TV crew on the streets of war-torn Basra, ex-deniable operator Nick Stone seems certain to die when insurgent gunmen attack. Only the reporter's swift action saves his life.
The Ghost - Robert Harris
The Ghost - Robert Harris
The narrator jumps at the chance to ghost the memoirs of Britain's former prime minister. But soon he realises that he has made a terrible mistake. His predecessor on the project died in suspicious circumstances
and the ex-prime minister turns out to be a man with secrets that are returning to haunt him - secrets with the power to kill.
The Other Side of You - Salley Vickers
The Other Side of You - Salley VickersSet partly in Rome, The Other Side of You explores the power of love, and art, to invade
and change our being and the difficult choices it forces us to reflect on and face. In graceful distinctive prose, this many-layered and thought-provoking novel penetrates the complexities of the human heart and suggests how lives and possibilities may be dramatically altered through another's vision and understanding.
Ludmila's Broken English - DBC Pierre
Ludmila's Broken English - DBC PierreOBC Pierre's second novel charts the unlikely meeting between East and West that follows Ludmila Derev's appearance on a Russian brides website. Determined to save her family from marauding Gnez troops, Ludmila's journey into the world and womanhood is an odyssey of sour wit, even sourer vodka, and a Soviet tractor probably running on goat's piss.
The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters - G.W.Dahlquist
The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters - G.W.DahlquistWhat is there was a book made of blue glass that contained your whole life?

If your desires and wants were dragged from you in a fearful process and preserved for others to savour and revel in?

If your every secret and every dream were open to all and yet you had forgotten that you ever had them?
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - Paul Tordy
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - Paul Tordy
Dr Alfred Jones has many reasons to be content with life. His latest paper 'Effects of Increased Water o the Caddis Fly Larva' looks set to cause a stir on the pages of Trout & Salmon, his job as a fisheries scientist is satisfactory, and he and his wife, Mary, have just celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary - for which she gave him a replacement electric toothbrush.
Queen Camilla - Sue Townsend
Queen Camilla - Sue Townsend
England is an unhappy and fearful land. In a desperate attempt I over crime and social disorder, Jack Barker, the Prime T. has created Exclusion Zones for all society's misfits, including the criminal, the feckless, the stupid, the morbidly obese - and the Royal Family.

Prince Charles and the love of his life, Camilla, live on the Flowers Exclusion Zone with the rest of the Royal Family and their many dogs. He enjoys poultry keeping and tending his vegetable patch. Camilla spends her days doing as little as possible aside from having her roots retouched by her neighbour Beverley Threadgold. But life is about to change...
Brothers in War - E.V. Thompson
Brothers in War - E.V. Thompson
CORNWALL 1915. In Britain, men and women are still reeling from the outbreak of the Great War. For Ben Retallick, owner of the great Ruddlemoor clay works in Cornwall, the conflict will affect all that he has ever known as his life becomes entwined in a saga of suspicion, secrecy and troubles - in love as well as war . . .

Ben is asked to help with an incredible secret mission - to wrest control of Lake Tanganyika from the Germans. Two gunboats are to be transported to the other side of the world, then hauled three thousand miles overland. Meanwhile, Ben's own priorities lie elsewhere, in Switzerland, where his wife Lily is awaiting his arrival to bring her home.
Recoil - Andy McNab
Recoil - Andy McNab
Recuperating in Switzerland after a job that cost the life of one of his closest friends, ex-special forces soldier and deniable operator Nick Stone has only one thing on his mind: the girl who left his bed this morning without saying goodbye. And when she fails to reappear, Nick knows the honeymoon is over before it has even begun.
Keeping the World Away - Margaret Forster
Keeping the World Away - Margaret ForsterLost, found, stolen, strayed, sold, fought over, a picture makes its way from Paris to Hampstead, pops up on a London market stall after the Great War, finds its way to the Cornish coast and back to London after the Second World War, eventually making a brief and risky trip to Scotland, before events take another unexpected turn at the beginning of a new century.
The Murder Bird - Joanna Hines
The Murder Bird - Joanna Hines
Kirsten Waller, the famous poet, is found dead in her bath in a lonely Cornish cottage. The verdict: suicide.
Her daughter, Sam, refuses to accept this. Kirsten would never have killed herself.

Besides, her mother's journal is missing and so is the poem she was working on just before she died - and the name of the poem? The Murder Bird.
Wilbur Smith - The Triumph of the Sun
Wilbur Smith - The Triumph of the SunIn the Sudan decades of brutal misgovernment by the ruling Egyptian Khedive in Cairo precipitate a fierce and bloody rebellion and Holy War headed by a charismatic new religious leader, the Mahdi or `Expected One'.

The British are forced to intervene to protect their national interests and to attempt to rescue the hundreds of British subjects stranded in the country.
Along with hundreds of others, British trader and businessman Ryder Courtney is trapped in the capital city of Khartoum.
Louis de Bernieres - Birds without Wings
Louis de Bernieres - Birds without Wings
Set against the background of the collapsing Ottoman Gallipoli campaign, and the subsequent bitter struggle between Greeks and Turks, Birds Without Wings traces the fortunes of one small community in south-west Anatolia - a community in which Christian and Muslim lives and traditions have co-existed peacefully over the centuries and in which friendship, even love, can transcend religious
Julian Barnes "The Lemon Table"
Julian Barnes "The Lemon Table"The characters in Julian Barnes' new collection of stories are growing old and facing the end of their lives - some with bitter regret, some with resignation and others still with raging defiance.
Helen Dunmore - House of Orphans
Helen Dunmore - House of OrphansFINLAND 1901: Eeva, the young orphaned daughter of a revolutionary, is sent from the orphanage to work as housekeeper for Thomas, a widowed country doctor. Her challenging, independent, enigmatic presence disturbs Thomas as much as it fascinates him. Their relationship will shatter all the certainties of his life.
Alexander McCall Smith - Friends Lovers Chocolate
Alexander McCall Smith - Friends Lovers ChocolateIsabel Dalhousie thinks often of friends, sometimes of lovers, and on occasion of chocolate. As an Edinburgh philosopher she is certain of where she stands. She can review a book called In Praise of Sin with panache and conviction, but real life is ... well, perhaps a bit more challenging - particularly when it comes to her feelings for Jamie, a younger man who should have married her niece, Cat. Jamie's handsomeness leaves Isabel feeling distinctly uneasy and ethically disturbed. I am a philosopher, she thinks, but I am also a woman.
Julian Barns - Arthur and George
Julian Barns - Arthur and GeorgeArthur and George grow up worlds apart in late-nineteenth-century Britain: Arthur in shabby-genteel Edinburgh, George in the o vicarage of a small Staffordshire village. Arthur becomes a doctor, then a writer; George a solicitor in Birmingham. Arthur is to become one of the most famous men of his age, while George remains in hard-working obscurity. But as the new century begins, they are brought together by a sequence of events which made sensational headlines at the time as The Great Wyrley Outrages.
Tony Parsons - Stories We Could Tell
Tony Parsons - Stories We Could TellSometimes you can grow up in just one night.

It is 16th August 1977 - the day that Elvis dies - and Terry is back from Berlin, basking in the light of his friendship with legendary rock star Dag Wood. But when Dag arrives in London he sets his sights
on a mysterious young photographer called Misty, the girl that Terry loves. Will the love of Terry's life survive this hot summer's night?
P.D. James - The Lighthouse
P.D. James - The LighthouseThis eagerly awaited successor to The Murder Room displays the qualities which aficionados have come to expect of P. D. James: sensitive characterisation, an exciting and superbly structured plot and vivid evocation of place. The Lighthouse is a subtle and powerful work of contemporary fiction.
Ruth Rendell - End in Tears
Ruth Rendell - End in TearsA lump of concrete dropped deliberately from a little stone bridge over a relatively unfrequented road kills the wrong person. The driver behind is spared. But only for a while...

It is impossible for Chief Inspector Wexford not to wonder how terrible it would be to discover that one of his daughters had been murdered. Sylvia has always been a cause for concern. Living alone with her two children, she is pregnant again. What will happen to the child?
Michael Connelly - The Lincon Lawyer
Michael Connelly - The Lincon LawyerI hate being inside a jail. I am not sure why. I guess it's because sometimes the line seems so thin. The line between being a criminal attorney and a criminal attorney. Sometimes I'm not sure which side of the bars I'm on. To me it's always a dead bang miracle that I get to walk out the way I walked in.'

That's Mickey Haller talking. He is a Lincoln Lawyer. They are the bottom of the legal food chain, the criminal defence attorneys who operate out of the back of a Lincoln Town Car, travelling between the courthouses of Los Angeles county to take whatever cases the system throws in their path.
Sebastian Faulkes - Human Traces
Sebastian Faulkes - Human TracesJacques Rebière and Thomas Midwinter, both sixteen when the story starts in 1876, come from different countries and contrasting families. They are united by an ambition to understand how the mind works and whether madness is the price we pay for being human.

As psychiatrists, their quest takes them from the squalor of the Victorian lunatic asylum to the crowded lecture halls of the renowned Professor Chariot in Paris; from the heights of the Sierra Madre in California to the plains of unexplored Africa. Their search is made urgent by the case of Jacques's brother Olivier, for whose severe illness no name has yet been found.

Thomas's sister Sonia becomes the pivotal figure in the volatile relationship between the two men, which threatens to explode with the arrival in their Austrian sanatorium of an enigmatic patient, Fraulein Katharina von A, whose illness epitomises all that divides them.
Zadie Smith - On Beauty
Zadie Smith - On BeautyWhat are the truly beautiful things in life - and how far will you go to get them?

Howard Belsey is an Englishman abroad, an academic teaching in Wellington, a college town in New England. Married young, thirty years later he is struggling to revive his love for his African-American wife, Kiki. Meanwhile, his three teenage children - Jerome, Zora and Levi - are each seeking the passions, ideals and commitments that will guide them through their own lives.
Iain M.Banks - The Agebraist
Iain M.Banks - The Agebraist In The Algebraist, Iain Banks returns to spectacular space opera but not to his familiar Culture universe. His new setting is a complex, war-torn galaxy with an entirely different history going back almost to the Big Bang...

For short-lived 'Quick' races like humans, space is dominated by the complicated, grandiose Mercatoria whose rule is both military and religious. To the Dwellers who may live billions of years, the galaxy consists of their gas-giant planets--the rest is debris.

Wormwood by G.P. Taylor
Wormwood by G.P. TaylorWormwood...
the bright star shall fall from the sky...
and many will die from its bitterness
Set against the rich historical backdrop of London in the

1700s, G. P. Taylor's second book is a gripping tale of sorcery,

treachery, intrigue and supernatural strife. It is guaranteed to

enthral readers to the very last page.
This exclusive edition contains an introduction from the author

along with maps and illustrations from the period.
Michelle Paver "Wolf Brother"
Michelle Paver "Wolf Brother"Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

The wound in his arm burned, and with every breath his bruised ribs ached savagely, but he did'nt dare stop.

The forest was full of eyes. Birch trees whispered on his passing. He begged them not to tell the bear............

Torak is alone... wounded, terrified and on the run.

An outcast like his father, he has avoided all contact with the clans - until now.
Now his father lies dead: slaughtered by a demon in the form of a great bear.
Anita Shreve "Light on Snow"
Anita Shreve "Light on Snow"Walking through new-fallen snow in the forest near their home, twelve-year-old Nicky Dillon and her father come upon something inconceivable: there, in the pristine winter scene, an abandoned infant wails, its survival made possible only by the coincidence of their having chosen this path for their evening stroll.
Andy McNabb "Deep Black"
Andy McNabb "Deep Black"Nick Stone's future has never looked so bleak. The only person he's ever loved is dead. The only people who might give him a reason not to join her have turned their backs.
Until a chance encounter with a man he saved ten years ago appears to throw him a lifeline ...
The Close Circle by Jonathan Coe
The Close Circle by Jonathan Coeprevious novel, The Rotters' Club, was a novel
of innocence: a nostalgic, humorous evocation of adolescent life in 1970s Britain. The Closed Circle is its mirror image: a novel of experience.

On Millennium night, 31 December 1999, with Tony Blair presiding over a superficially cool, sexed-up new version of the country, Benjamin Trotter finds himself watching the celebrations on his parents' TV in the same Birmingham house in which he grew up. Watching, in fact, his younger brother, Paul, now a bright young New Labour MP who has bought wholeheartedly into the Blairite dream. Neither of them can know that their lives are about to implode.
"Past Mortem" by Ben Elton
"Past Mortem" by Ben EltonWith old friends like these, who needs enemies?

It's a question mild-mannered detective Edward Newson is forced to ask himself when, in romantic desperation, he logs on to the Friends Reunited website in search of the girlfriends of his youth. Newson is not the only member of the Class of '88 who has been raking over the ashes of the past. As his old class begins to reassemble in cyberspace, the years slip away and old feuds and passions burn fiercely once more.
Tim Moore - Spanish Steps
Tim Moore - Spanish StepsBeing larger than a cat, the donkey falls into that

category of animal which Tim Moore is at least

slightly scared of. Yet intrigued by epic accounts of

a pilgrimage undertaken by one in three medieval

Europeans, and strangely committed to historical

authenticity, he finds himself leading a Pyrenean

ass named Shinto into Spain, headed for

Santiago de Compostela.
In the company of cheerful ladies
In the company of cheerful ladiesIN THE COMPANY
Precious Ramotswe, that cheerful private investigator of `traditional build', is well-known to millions across the world through the bestselling No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. Those who have been following her exploits in five previously published novels can now read the next instalment, in which, as usual, circumstances are never as straightforward as they seem.
Martin Amis "Yellow Dog"
Martin Amis "Yellow Dog"When 'dream husband' Xan Meo is vengefully assaulted in the garden of a London pub, he suffers head-injury and personality-change. Like a spiritual convert, the familial paragon becomes an anti-husband, an anti-father. He submits to an alien moral system - one among many to be found in these pages.
Anne Fine "The More the Merrier"
Anne Fine "The More the Merrier"Christmas comes but once a year. Luckily..............
Jonathan Stroud "The Amulet of Samarkand"
Jonathan Stroud "The Amulet of Samarkand"The sulphur cloud contracted into a thick column o f smoke that vomited forth thin tendrils... There was a barely perceptible pause. Then two yellow staring eyes materialized in the heart o f the smoke.
Hey, it was his first time. I wanted to scare him.
Melvin Bragg "Crossing the Lines"
Melvin Bragg "Crossing the Lines"Set in Britain during the 1950s, this absorbing novel follows the intertwined fates of people crossing boundaries in their lives. As a teenager in the small northern town of Wigton, Joe Richardson falls in love with Rachel, whose life threatens to be wrenched from its roots.
Robert Harris "Pompeii"
Robert Harris "Pompeii"All along the coast, the Roman Empire's richest citizens are relaxing in their luxurious villas. The world's largest navy lies peacefully at anchor in Misenum. The tourists are spending their money in the seaside resorts of Baiae, Herculaneum and Pompeii.
Melvin Burgess "LADY - My life as a bitch"
Melvin Burgess "LADY - My life as a bitch"Sandra Fancy is 17 and having too much fun. Everyone wants to stop her but the problem is, she likes it. When she accidentally turned into a dog she's horrified at first but soon starts to wonder if being human is worth the effort.
Lindsay Davis "The Accusers"
Lindsay Davis "The Accusers"Fresh from his trip to Britain, Falco needs to re-establish his presence in Rome. A minor role in the trial of a senator entangles him in the machinations of Silius Italicus and Paccius Africanus - two real-life lawyers at the top of their trade. These notorious ex-consuls play a dangerouse game, where success brings rich pickings but a mistrial or a wrong verdict entails huge penalties.
Rose Tremain "The Colour"
Rose Tremain "The Colour"The Colour is a gripping drama of sacrifice and greed set during the mid-nineteenth century gold rush in NewZealand.
Super-Cannes by J.G. Ballard
Super-Cannes by J.G. BallardPaul Sinclair is calm, sane and curious.He and his bright young wife Jane drive down to the south of France in his vintage Jaguar so she can take the post as a doctor.
Minette Walters "Fox Evil"
Minette Walters "Fox Evil"When elderly Ailsa Lockyer-Fox is found dead in her garden, dressed only in nightclothes and with blood stains on the ground near her body