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Fighting Back - Frank Bruno

Fighting Back - Frank Bruno

At the age of eleven Frank Bruno was sent to reform school.
At thirty-three he was crowned undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

At forty-one he was committed to Goodmayes psychiatric hospital.

Now, for the first time, Frank Bruno tells his real story: how the tearaway kid became one of Britain's best-loved sports stars; how he was written off, but came back to win the world championship - at the fourth attempt; his descent into mental illness; and his painful journey back to health.

This is a story that Frank has to tell - it is part autobiography, part therapy. He wants to show how mental illness can swat down the strongest man or woman. He wants people to know what he went through, and how, with the help of his family, he's now recovering.

Frank Bruno is a man who has been right to the top and right to the very bottom. He is a great athlete and a national treasure. Everyone knows him. At least, everyone thinks they do. Because the story he reveals here will make you change your mind. Painfully honest, moving, and at times shocking, this is a book no one should be without.