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Nasser Hussain "Playing with Fire" The Autobiography

Nasser Hussain "Playing with Fire" The Autobiography

When Nasser Hussain first met Duncan Fletcher in 1999, it marked the beginning of a partnership that was to transform the English cricket team.
They injected steel into the team; they gave it back-bone. No longer it seemed, did the fall of the first wicket herald an inevitable batting collapse. England became a hard team to beat - and they started to win test matches, at home and abroad.

And yet, hussain, born in India to an English Mother and Indian Father, was at first glance an unlikely choice for captain. There were, it's fair to say, doubts about his temperament. He was reckoned to be a hothead. But is was this very stereotyping that helped Hussain manage his team of individuals. He had an interest in his players and an understanding of what made them tick not seen since Mike Brearley in the early eighties - he was always determined to prove his doubters wrong.

Hussain wore his heart on his sleeve. The responsabilities of captaincy kept him awake at nioght; he railed at critics of his hold on the No.3 spot; and he took a stand in the moral morass over Englands scheduled fixture in Zimbabwe during the last World Cup.
When Hussain resigned the captaincy the pain of letting it go was evident for all to see, but he knew it was time to go befor the job consumed him.

Always driven to live up to the expectations his cricket loving Father had for him, Hussain reached the very top of his game and took the National team with him. He did his Father proud.

In this eagerly awaited autobiography Nasser Hussain pulls no punches. This is the story of our most interesting, thoughtful and passionate cricketer in his own words. For the first and last time.