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Alan Ball - Playing Extra Time

Alan Ball - Playing Extra Time


Alan Ball always wanted to be the best. Small in stature, red-haired and fiery, Alan was one of the most easily recognized players of his generation. Fans on the terraces and teammates immediately took to his wholehearted enthusiasm and never-say-die attitude. Alan is a fighter - from overcoming his diminutive size to become a professional player and the youngest member of the 1966 England squad, to the rejection he repeatedly faced as a club manager.

Now Alan faces the toughest battle of his life. First his daughter then his wife were diagnosed with cancer. His hugely successful playing and managerial career, which took him to Everton, Arsenal, Manchester City, and two World Cups with England, has taken a back seat to the real test of character brought about by the illness of his loved ones.

His devoted wife, Lesley, who stood by Alan through his personal and professional highs and lows, bravely battled a disease which is in remission in her daughter. However, such a double blow to Alan hasn't punctured that indomitable spirit.

`I have never stopped fighting but now I am on
a different playing field. This has been the biggest fight of my life.'

This is an autobiography that transcends football - a story that is both inspirational and deeply moving.