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The Murder Bird - Joanna Hines

The Murder Bird - Joanna Hines

Kirsten Waller, the famous poet, is found dead in her bath in a lonely Cornish cottage. The verdict: suicide.
Her daughter, Sam, refuses to accept this. Kirsten would never have killed herself.

Besides, her mother's journal is missing and so is the poem she was working on just before she died - and the name of the poem? The Murder Bird.

Was the poem a horrific foretelling of her own death, or was Kirsten planning to expose a killer? Sam is determined to find out. Her stepfather, Raph, is equally determined to thwart her.

Soon, Sam is in a race against time to discover the identity of her mother's killer, before the real Murder Bird tracks her down.

From the acclaimed author of Improvising Car la and Angels of the Flood comes another terrifying tale of psychological mind games, betrayal and death.