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SOLO by: Pen Hadow

SOLO by: Pen Hadow

Pen Hadow is an authentic British hero, one of the most highly acclaimed polar explorers of his generation. His most recent and remarkable Arctic endeavour earned him a reputation as 'The Human Icebreaker'.

In spring 2003, fulfilling a deathbed vow to his father, Pen Hadow became the first man ever to complete a solo trek, without resupply, to the North Pole from the more arduous North American side, surviving a fall through thin ice into the freezing Arctic waters that almost cost him his life. The nine days he then spent weather-bound at the Pole, as his supplies ran out and concerns mounted for his life, catapulted him to worldwide fame. In reaching the South Pole less than six months later, he became the first Briton to walk to both Geographic Poles. And all inside a single year.

As a young child he was exposed to an unusual conditioning regime by the former nanny to Scott of the Antarctic's son. Then as a fifteenyear-old schoolboy he ran the 'Long Ducker' -a marathon-length course no one else had completed for fifty years. But it wasn't until he made his first polar expedition, at the age of twenty- seven, that he knew he had found his destiny. This beautiful, desolate and dramatic environment cast spell over him and he made it his life.

Pen's extraordinary story, told within the context of the rich history of polar exploration, will move and inspire all those who have the seed of a dream within them.