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Tim Moore - Spanish Steps

Tim Moore - Spanish Steps

Being larger than a cat, the donkey falls into that

category of animal which Tim Moore is at least

slightly scared of. Yet intrigued by epic accounts of

a pilgrimage undertaken by one in three medieval

Europeans, and strangely committed to historical

authenticity, he finds himself leading a Pyrenean

ass named Shinto into Spain, headed for

Santiago de Compostela.
Nuzzling businessmen at a city-centre zebra crossing,

or shuffling after German policewomen across a

broiled and lonely plain, the pair bring smiles to

every local face, and not all of brazen derision. Over

500 miles of extreme weather, agonising bestial sloth

and triple-bunk dormitories, it becomes memorably

apparent that for the multinational band of

eccentrics who keep the Santiagan flame alive, the

pilgrimage has evolved from a purely devotional

undertaking into a mobile therapist's couch.
Ludicrous, heart-warming and improbably

inspirational, Spanish Steps is the story of what

happens when a rather silly man tries to walk all the

way across a very large country, with a very large

animal who doesn't really want to.